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Beyonce for CR Fashion Book of the Day

The fact that Beyonce think she is god. Or that she has been branded the queen. Or that she’s worth 500 million dollars. Or that she didn’t fade away like the lead singer in girl groups before her – offends me.

I feel like there is a huge flaw in the world, that she’s figured out the scam, and that people are buying into it…all because she’s an ego, who won’t just retire to raise her kid gracefully like she should, but instead releases a more hardcore album, with sluttier pics and a fitter body, in efforts to compete with one of the girls who made Beyonce’s husband rich as fuck…

I guess it’s like I said about the 80 year old I once banged, never too old to stick your dick into as long as it’s not horribly fat.

Here she is doing some fashion shit because she’s some kind of icon.

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