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Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis in the Bath Together

Tallula Willis and Scout Willis have figured out a hook to get people talking about them, or at least to fuck with the media who pay attention them – by getting naked together – which in their Hippie upbringing wasn’t a big deal, as stepfather Ashton would make them get naked and sit on his lap everyday when Demi was recovering from surgeries or getting blood transfusions from the native Montana kids she was trying to steal youth from..

They did this SHOOT …because they are little hipsters…and now they are posing pics of them taking baths together…all comparing their vaginas to see if they look anything like their mom’s tranny dick she had chopped off early on in her career…and the whole thing is amazing..

IT’s like the logic of a threesome is still a threesome if fat girls are involved – because it is a threesome and the two fat girls cancel each other out allowing you to focus on the threesome…only the sister version…a whole lot of awesome…seriously…good job girls.

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