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Amanda Bynes Shoplifting and Dancing of the Day

This is probably the most interesting thing you will see today. Not because you care about Amanda Bynes, I mean maybe you do, people seem to like her demise, but I find the whole thing exhausting, even depressing, and a perfectly good waste of a girl who should be in porn because she’s on that level of crazy.

That said, she got in trouble for shoplifting, and here’s the behind the scenes footage of her dancing like a maniac, humping the security guard and being an all around good time…

I don’t know, maybe I deal with crazy girls, maybe life is boring and needs more of this, because all I see is someone having fun…while all you uptight twats stare and judge…who’s the real fucking loser now…maybe the key to life is to shake your ass and dance your way through it.

Amanda Bynes is a her.

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