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Jessa Hinton’s Pizza Bikini of the Day

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Jessa Hinton is a Playboy chick, and she has been involved in what is probably the single most viral bikini in the history of bikinis, because every one loves pizza, it is the most viral of foods ever and everyone loves bikinis, it’s the most viral of clothing girls can take pics of themselves wearing…and everyone loves fake titty girls who look like they could have virusees thanks to college party gangbangs, and mean producers who promised them everything…

All this to say, Jessa Hinton….is officially relevant…and all it took was a pizza bikinis…she’s the Emily Ratajkowski of 2015….

All this to say, this is the most important thing to happen all day…far more important than Cameron Diaz’s marriage…or all the has-beens still in bikinis I’ve posted and seen posted around the internet…this is what matters.

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