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Adrianne Curry Ass for Twitter of the Day

Her name is Adrianne Curry, I can only assume that you’ve never heard of her, because she’s absolutely irrelevant, but then I remember that this is a blog, and blogs are an outdated content delivery system, so you are probably old school and set in your ways, not part of the new social media, self involved, herpes generation….who use things like browsers and go to things like websites…unless it is seen on facebook…so you know exactly who she is…

A reality star…from the advent of reality TV…who ended up on other reality shows…before settling down with a Brady Bunch actor for more reality TV….who eventually was forgotten, because reality whores are interchangeable…so she turned to social media to post her smut…like ass shots and tits shots before doing the comicon circuit…to get nerd, virgin, loser, fans because they are loyal…

Well…she’s still posting her ass on twitter…fascinating legacy her bottom feeding is leaving behind…as her relevance that never was is officially dead.

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  • spy13

    hahahahahahaha….. its funny cause you post so much shit about this broad, and make fun of her fanboys….. but I don’t know if you knew this, your fat overweight loser nerd blogger