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Natasha Poly for LUI of the Day

Lui #15 -2015 03 (17)_Natasha Poly

I once had sex with Natasha Poly…or maybe it was just a Russian hooker, who I assumed was Natasha Poly, because Russian girls all kind of look the same, which happens to be amazing, and they have no souls, which is why they are in the sex trade to begin with, but as a general rule the Russian hookers who don’t become fashion models scare me, because I know that they are one phone call away from calling very big, probably armed, military trained Russian man or men who can fuck me up and steal everything I have, which is usually nothing because the Russian hookers is all I can afford…making the whole experience…pretty fucking sexy, if you like shitting yourself, and you do…and for the right price they’ll clean it up for you… up on some James Bond fetish, but not nearly as Sexy as Natasha Poly’s LUI shit…I like the outter labia crab picture…a lot.

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