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Emily Rat Cow Tries to Kate Upton of the Day

The only problem with Emily Ratajkowski is her face…I mean that and her shitty attitude where she assumes that she’s important because she’s got great tits that I am pretty sure are just expensive implants…because I’ve seen expensive implants and they look like this….not to mention a homie who worked at a dematologist office told me Emily Ratajkowski got her lips done there…not that her lip’s authenticity make her any more talented, interesting, capable of carrying a career..

She’s a young girl who got naked in a music video and thanks to the power of the internet…she got in a movie…and may get in a few more…because hot girls in movies don’t need talent, just ask Alba…

But all I see is a glorified Tila Tequila…who’s instagram dance is not one of her last attempts…but that should be…because we’re bored of her…

Useless and telentless never had such good tits.

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