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Tess Holliday is a Legit Plus Sized Model of the Day


Tess Holliday is apparently a plus sized model and as disgusting as fat women make me every single morning when I wake up and every single night I go to bed…because I have and obese wife who I am waiting eagerly to lose out to her obesity…because the smells and the apnea are killing me more than my drinking..

But this Tess Holliday is legit. Meaning…she’s fat as fuck…which is disgusting and unhealthy..and eveyrthing I would want from a plus sized model…because America is fat and using girls Kate Upton size as plus sized models to cater to fat women everywhere, which is everywhere…

This Tess Holliday is a real massive model…like the kind of girl with health issues from being so plus sized…celebrating obesity and premature deal plus sized and a cross section of our society obese…and sure that may be a horrible message to send the kids, but a great message to send to all the other plus sized models…who aren’t this plus sized…but I guess a sumo wrestling match could have solved that…


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