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Paula Bulczynska Nipples in a Photoshoot of the Day


Paula Bulczynska is another one of these nothing models who isn’t even a model but who is hot enough and doing the rounds of fake publications for fake ad campaigns for fake photographers to grow a instagram audience that is pretty much fake because dudes just like following babes who get naked.

This is low level, softcore porn shit, but at least she’s doing it. We’d live in a boring place if girls didn’t get naked to get ahead…you know empower yourselves, own yourself as a sexual being.

It’s a feminist movement…that gets benefits the photographers and magazines that publish her for free..because it’s free…

Fake shoots for fake campaigns trying to make herself real. I support it…

I don’t even know if she’s Russian, but that name is ethnic enough for me to assume she’s trying to live the American dream anyway she can..

I do know what her tits look like and that’s better…

All these shoots are the goddamn same….

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