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Anna Herrin by Ben Watts for TREATS! of the Day


I like Anna Herrin…she’s some LA catalog model….who does a lot of eCommerce shit…getting half naked isn’t enough to differentiate yourself from all the other hot chicks on instagram with great bodies who don’t fucking matter but who are doing the exact same thing as you….

So get naked with the Treats! Magazine crew of Rich LA guys, who helped create Emily Ratajkowski, but who have not really caused any real impact since, cuz everyone is caught up in themselves with their own willingness to get naked…I am talking everyone who is decent looking at best is willing to try to be a model…once they figure out their angles.

I come from an era where models were pulled out of grocery stores, bus stops, the farm and didn’t know their tall lanky and insecure look was marketable…where the fame built up organically as their careers ramped up …when famewhore sluts didn’t have a vehicle like instagram to ended up in porn and Playboy…or nude for rich guys…and in magazines…..but more interestingly…when famewhore sluts didn’t feel like they deserved or that they were already famous, before doing anything to justify or warrant that…

We live in a weird era of kids who can’t fail in school, it’s not inclusive…that lacks any edge….and here are some nudes by Benn Watts is a iconic Victoria’s Secret photographer from Australia, who has been doing this photo thing for a long time and his pics are always great.


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