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Amber Heard Ruining Careers with a Face Bruise of the Day


Here’s a “Beat up” Amber Heard for those of you who like to see a bitch who swooped in on an A-Lister, pretty much top of the industry actor, who was in a relationship….with her vagina and other manipulative tactics…in efforts to have him all for herself, because that’s what egotistical cunts do…they want it all..

Amber Heard was some ghetto regular girl who made it to a place where she could make Johnny Depp her sugar daddy, and thus leverage him for work and a celebrity…she’s garbage…

Any girl who fucks with a dude to get ahead, which is every girl, is terrible and should get more than just a phone to her face…you should run them the fuck over or drown them in your Bahamian private Island she’ll likely try to take half of..

It’s hard being a dude, when hot young girls try to fuck us because of their own agenda, their own using, it’s hard to not ignore the obvious and just fall into the sex….but when she gets bad…they get fucking evil and try to destroy you to come out on top…partially because they want the most they can get out of the divorce, but maybe because they are bitter dude cheated on her, even though she was once the girl he cheated with….these things have patterns – no your role…

Now I don’t think we should beat women ever, even though all those equal rights bitches want that, since to them men aren’t stronger than women, and shouldn’t be paid more, but if you were to throw a phone and it make contact, we’re kinda in a place where that’s not that bad, she just has bad reflexes…

All this to say, she fucked with Johnny Depp, when married, dude is Johnny Depp, probably rich and egotistical and crazy…and at one point a heavy drug user and womanizer…so you kinda get what you deserve when you play with that fire..

Either way, I find Amber Heard hot..I just think she’s a cunt and I hope she gets nothing…for her bad behavior..

More importantly, I hope her trying to destroy Johnny Depp’s reputation by making a villain out of him goes no where…cuz I hate when bitches do that…especailly when they were the ones probably punching themselves in the face to leave a mark…

Happy Memorial Day Weekend…let’s remember lost LUST turned into Marriage of an A-Lister and some low grade hooker…..now trying to ruin him….


Equal rights…sometimes you gotta throw a phone at a bitch! But he should have taken her out on a “romantic sail” and thrown her off, because now he’s the homewrecker asshole and in this era – his career will suffer…as she rapes him of a lot of money instead of the romantic victim who lost his wife due to sailing error. Worked for Natalie Wood…

Either way, tonight you go out and use this line:

“Baby wanna be romantic, careless and free like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?” When she says yes, throw your phone in her face.


Remember she’s an “actor”…don’t believe her lies…


Maybe Johnny Depp is an abusive overrated and overpaid fuck who isn’t even that good of an actor, but people believe his bullshit artistry and have for so long that it has become his identity. Maybe he is a terror who beats on women or anyone who isn’t on his dick coddling him and telling he’s a god…

The fact is you don’t ever hit women..especially opportunist homewrecker sugar baby brats….

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 6.20.35 PM


Maybe we should boycot that rich, thinks he doesn’t need to follow the same rules we do because he can buy his way out, girl bully – and fuck his daughter when she turns 18….in one year…she just turned 17…but at 17 this Lily Rose is amazing…and a French citizen where 16 is legal…YAY!


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  • Aster

    He ruined his own career by being a fat, smelly, drunk waster.