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Adriana Cernanova for GQ Portugal of the Day


I was just telling my friend Steve that he needs to plan a trip to either Russsia or really any of the countries that were behind the iron curtain in the 80s…even if it is an era of political insanity…where Putin is getting ready for a Third World War according to my extensive research of reading Facebook Statuses…while Clinton blames Trump for being part of their plan…because the pussy that come out of those countries…even those born in America outside of those countries…are just fucking absurd..

Sure they have no souls, are into money and expensive things, and are on a quest to do whatever it takes to get where they need to go…but they look so fucking good doing it…that it may be worth risking being on the frontlines of Nuclear disaster…to find one desperate enough to get to America to marry you…

I know you can order them off the internet, but I am a firm believer in finding your hooker in person, call me old fashioned, but if you’re going to buy a woman…line a bunch up and pick her for your damn self…that way you can tell if they smell, or if their picture is accurate….

Or you can just check out some of their top girls that other people beat you to…like Adriana Cernanova for GQ portugal..she’s fucking great…and if you don’t believe me – just look at her tits…

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