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So Emma Stern Nielsen Topless Shoot of the Day


Here’s a nude / Topless / Titty Flash shoot of model I like Emma Stern Nielsen….because Emma Stern Nielsen is the kind of girl I want to see succeed, and who will probably succeed, because she’s just fucking awesome, and has great tits, so get her in mainstream campaigns – make her a Guess? Girl or Victoria’s Secret Angel…it seems to work for all the other hookers……

While she works on that, we can assume she goes to all the parties, fucks rich guys, does a lot of nude shoots, and is willing to do even more extreme nudes, you know to make it…and I appreciate the hard work so much that I follow her – and would follow her home – you know just to make sure she got home safe – so that I could climb her fire escape and hopefully watch her shower / masturbate or fuck….because as far as I’m concerned – this is some cockteasing foreplay….

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