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Jennifer Lawrence In a One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day


Here’s some Jennifer Lawrence looking like Amy Schumer, all doughy and big-chinned, wearing a one piece bathing suit that has many portholes for her layer of fat to seep out of, because she’s an actress, an overrated, overpaid, boring, average at best looking, actress that the industry has decided is a golden child – worth the investment – for whatever reason – that I call “KEEPING BUDGETS HIGH SO EVERYONE MAKES MORE MONEY”….

I am sure there are weird celebrity obsessed fan boys that will jerk off to this…but if you take the “jennifer lawrence” quotient out of the equation – it’s pretty fucking clear that there’s very little amazing or jerk-off-able here…

I mean sure, if you’re a 45 year old film director, in the industry, dating her, knocking her up, is like an Oscar trophy…I’m talking to you Aronofsky..

But if you’re a normal dude, just looking on, who she wouldn’t give you the time of day if she saw you cuz celebrity women are by default total cunts…you should just stare at this and write a letter to congress, or the boycott all her movies…because she’s won enough, let’s give hotter chicks a chance.

RUMOR is this is one of her new nudes…it was posted 11 days ago…it could be her – but I say it’s too hot to be her…because it is.


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