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Caitlin Stasey Naked with her Dog of the Day


Caitlin Stasey posted a picture of her naked and cuddling her dog – and it is so cute – because I like naked bitches on actual bitches….I’m into dogs, they are better than humans, more human than humans…and pretty much the best….

Caitlin Stasey is not a dog, she’s some Australian, with criminal ancestors on some show called Neighbors, that has been on TV for 50 years or more, that has created Kylie Minogue and other idiots and that has cycled through all kinds of low level actresses and made them famous in the native Australian land of trashy accents…

And I fucking love Australians, even with their trashy accents, because as cultured, well traveled as they are…they still get fucking drunk, high, and fuck….they are the hot girls stripping down to their underwear at a party…just to have a good time with a bunch of dickheads…and that kind of attitude…makes them matter. It’s a modern day love story…and you know me and my love for romance….

So her’s Caitlin Stasey…naked again…because she likes being naked on social media…

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  • Taco

    Looks like that dog really wore her out.

  • gwen

    That poor dog.