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Lexi Wood is a Very Important Model of the Day


Lexi Wood is some F List model – but she’s got a good enough face….a face that hasn’t booked any real campaign – but at least she’s trying…

When I first saw she did this low level “editorial” for an instagram account magazine – I thought “Oh Look, a Porn Star is Doing a Hipster style shoot”…

But then I discovered….she’s not a pornstar….but she is on a Private Jet flying from Maui….

Which we all know means…she’s maybe not be in porn, but she’s a sex worker, the high end sugar baby hooker…which is what all these models aspire to….

They want the rich old daddy to give them the male attention – whether in slutty shoots, or with old men…that’s the end goal.

ROMANCE….I prefer when the guy is put in the photo, unless she’s paying for the Private Jet…because modeling for no one is lucrative…

But at least she’s trying….and looks good while doing it.

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