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Mexican Politician Shows Kids How To Put on Condoms – With her Mouth of the Day

Her name is and she’s a 52 year old minx, who I guess before she was in politics was working the mean streets of Tijuana doing Donkey Shows and fucking white Americans on bachelor parties….because girl knows the hooker tricks that any of you who have fucked a hooker, or at least a well versed slut who insists on condoms because she’s had diseases and doesn’t want more…and has had abortions and doesn’t want more…and has been off birth control because that shit makes her fat and crazy as it messes with her hormones…because from my experience the girls who insist on condoms are the dirty ones…and they all try to make things better with these mouth tricks….

I figure you’re never too young to learn what takes some hookers at least a few weeks of work, which in some cases is a lifetime of cock….6 a day for 14 days…that’s a lot of cock….

Either way, these are some politics I can fuck with….not the trump updates on facebook that shits’ boring.

This bitch is the best…

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