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Ella Weisskamp Naked of the Day

I did a post on this ELLA WEISSKAMP model with great tits – who takes tit pics – to get ahead – or because she’s a powerful woman who doesn’t need to take the day off work on Women’s Day to protest her solidarity to the cause of women’s rights, because girl doesn’t actually work…she’s just naked all day, pretends it’s for freedom, equality, whatever, and I fucking that hustle…especially when I know the real motives…

Well, i was very into her tits two days ago, even though I am in a one sided instagram following relationship with her….and I still am into her tits…because of the one sided instagram relationship…because I like tits…and I like rejection..and tits that reject me..when they are on this trying to be an artist or muse shit…IS amazing..

Her face looks hot in these pics!

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