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Arianny Celeste New Face Who This of the Day

Arianny Celeste is not really a bottom feeder, but she’s totally a bottom feeder….or at least low hanging fruit…or maybe just low quality, low grade model….

Because she is the UFC is huge, there are so many people, both normal dudes and low level white trash dudes, who fucking love this shit…but it’s massive and that probably makes her more famous than GOD…

You know a bigger deal than Joe Rogan before his Podcast took over the fucking world…and that probably made her feel cocky, entitled and like it’d never end…until realizing that her Vegas Show girl turned UFC girl dream may be closing out as she is pushing 40 years old….and haggard..

NOTHING some face injections won’t fix…or destroy…because whatever the fuck is going on here, with her…is just fucking weird…but I can see her nipple so keep up the good work as a Vegas sex worker….it’s not like she’s got much else to do..

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  • Tim Church

    Face injections won’t fix her, as she isn’t broken.