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Rose Namajunas Butt Shot of the Day

Rose Namajunas is apparently some UFC fighter that people are excited about because she can kick serious ass – and now that it is considered misogynistic to set up Jello Wrestling at your college bar…the UFC is the only place we can turn to for some chick on chick fighting action….you know it also doubles as a de-gay-ification of the UFC…because all that man on man animalistic testosterone that gives you a boner when you watch…needs to be diverted by chicks…so that you don’t have to deal with your own weird sexuality issues that may stem from you HGH and Tribal Tattoos you like showing off when gangbanging chicks with your bros….

I don’t really get excited by bare ass in mainstream magazines trying to produce clickbait…but I’ll post it anyway…because I like a woman who can kick my ass…because I probably deserve to have my ass kicked by a woman….and I’d definitely get a boner when getting my ass kicked by a woman…like I did in high school when I’d convince girls to wrestle me…entry level seduction…

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