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Jourdan Dunn Topless of the Day

The last time I wrote about Jourdan Dunn, a British model who is BFF with Cara Delevingne and thus a scenester groupie opportunist…I wrote something that the snowflakes would deem racist…because she was in a weird posture and it was like an animal you’d see in the zoo…unrelated to color or cree or anything but her hunching over…

You see, you can’t use certain adjectives when talking about different races, colors, religions, as some words are sensitive words..that have a deeper meaning and that have been used in RACISM…and I’m not racist..

I generally hate all humans, I generally like all naked or half naked women, so I don’t actually see color, but apparently..this one is of BLACK TONE..

But along with being inappropriate I said: What ever happened to paparazzi climbing into people’s fucking hotel rooms to capture them shitting, or other really scandalous shit, instead I get “here’s a model you’ve seen half naked, half naked, but not posing, go jerk off to her if you can, or use this as a reminder that you can google her in paid photos doing better poses”…fuck that..

Well Today…The paparazzi delivered a little bit…with TITS, bolt on looking tits, but still tits..YAY

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