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Jennifer Lawrence Nipple in MOTHER of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence lets a tit out GIF

I think it’s safe to say that the highlight of the day for you will be that Jennifer Lawrence pulled her tit out in her attempt at another Oscar performance in her boyfriend’s movie “Mother”….

I know that we’ve all seen her tits before, in her selfies, but they were awesome tits, and took her from being a very annoying personality that Hollywood decided was worthy of all the fame…confusing anyone who ever saw her in a movie….to someone with great tits…who suddenly became alright…but all these movies she gets paid too much to be in, that she’s celebrated in, that they say are brilliant performances in…never feature tits…when we all know that tits not being shown in movies…should by default eliminate Oscar potential…and by default shouldn’t get a bitch paid what this bitch gets paid…because the tits are the reason we’d pay to see it.

We are all perverts…

Even in this era of everyone showing their tits, where tits aren’t frowned upon or a place of shame…I still like seeing the tits..when they are as well paid as these tits…because I love tits…and will commit to always sexualize tits to myself…while convince girls I am on the quest to desexualize tits by having them show me tits…it’s a manipulation tactic really….

Great tits!

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