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Lily Rose Cameron Nipples of the Day

Lily Rose Cameron tits

Lily Rose Cameron is some girl from INSTAGRAM who I actually follow…despite her not having that many followers…just doing what she can to get ahead because she’s hot, been told she’s hot, feels hot and that she has what it takes to be a vapid half naked cunt on social media, and if you tell people you’re hot, they’ll believe it, they’ll buy into it, and if you are hot, they’ll do what they can to take control of the situation, mind fuck you, potentially fuck you….to get you to help them with their cause…

Or you can be like me and just promote her nipple pics for free, having never spoke to her, or her never speaking to me, making me the real loser in this whole thing because I haven’t got to cum on her tits before giving her coverage and that’s fucking wrong….really fucking wrong….I guess that’s how life as a failure plays out.

She’s hot, I like the hunting shirt and corporate fishing store branding….solid ad…

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