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Pauline Santamaria Naked of the Day

Pauline Santamaria Naked

Here’s an instagram style erotic attempting to be artistic photoshoot of a girl named Pauline Santa Maria…SANTA MARIA she’s looking wild, and naked, and like she likes to have a good time, a great time, the best time….with her ass up in the air in some DOGGY style position that makes this less of an intro to a porn scene and more about artistry thanks to that brownish colored filter…

She’s not showing her actual cunt, but I like that her stage name matches her cross on the side of her body, in some religious experience her catholic roots would be proud of…they love this shit the catholics…I mean more so when they are little boys..but you know what I mean…

She’s a signed model, not that famous on instagram, maybe this is how you get famous on instagram, or maybe it is how you fade into being like every other girl on instagram…who knows…I just know she’s naked and I am looking at her..and her model agency is called VIP models which could be a brand of VIP models around here…that is an escort agency…but who am I to judge a woman getting paid to fuck, I am a feminist and I find it empowering…even when the pimp takes his 60%.

That’s about all there is to say about that.


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