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Scout Willis is Weird of the Day

Scout Willis Naked

Scout Willis is one of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore kids who I used to make fun of, I’m not sure if I made fun of her, or Rumer, pre getting work done and working out, becoming pretty hot, because comsmetic surgery is pretty advanced now, and all women capable of looking like doughy porn chick who just had their faces banged out….and fitness / starvation / drugs when you got nothing better to do bring the hot bod….LIKE can be one big fake it til you make it…

But the truth is, in my old age, who fucking cares about making fun of young girls just living life having a good time, even if they have horrible POPPER loving moms who let people die at her pool party when fucking the youth out of young people, in efforts to stay young forever….if anything that’s kind of cool..

More importantly, at least they are doing the hipster being silly and wild, unshowered even thing…rather than the 3D airbrushed make-up the other twats are doing…because if you’re a celebrity child rich kid, just fucking live that celeb life and have fun, why the fuck waste time running around trying to be “fashion”…you know…I KNOW..

These are some weird pics, but weird in a good way, I like them weird…

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  • Kylimayrow

    She looks like she smells. That nasty panty pic just reeks of week old sweaty muff. To add, I won’t ever forget what she really looks like. No mater how much surgery she has gotten, the public will never forget.

  • Cupid Stunt


  • solaera

    That is Scout AND Tallulah Willis.

  • Drmrby

    Rich, entitled skanks.