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Emilie Payet Naked of the Day

Emilie Payet naked Showing her Bush on a Boat

Here are some aspirational pictures of a girl who is not a sex worker model, you know like the girls you see in all those nude shoots that is considered a porno star…you know what I mean…I like that shit all the time…the worst possible nude shoots ever…

Emilie Payet is an actual aspiring model, who gets nude because her body is a canvas or some bullshit, for a photographer to capture her vulnerability or who the fuck knows, she’s naked…and that’s all there is to it.

I just like trying to figure out what differentiates fashion, art and porn….because advertisers liek AMAZON steal money from me cuz I’m a porn site, yet they sell incest erotica and allow other sites to promote them who post nudes…it’s all this terrible grey area that hurts me….

What doesn’t hurt me is Emilie Payet’s bush, it looks soft and luxurious and as a bush advocate, someone who has been fighting for the right of bush, for the eroticism of bush, because bush is how pussy is meant to be….I am a fan..

She’s a model from france, this is her on a boat in what must be Europe..
.and we need to be giving her more attention because she’s been so good to us with her images…but that could just be her bush brainwashing me into thinking her skinny body is better than it actually is…WHO KNOWS..

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