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Kera Lester Naked of the Day

Kera Lester Naked showing pussy

Her name is Kera Lester, and I guess she’s some kind of model. Her instagram was underwhelming and she had far less followers than I’d want to see from a girl who gets totally naked for photoshoots….but I also felt refreshed, and reminded that even in these dark times, women will still get naked, some more than others, will not care about the public consensus, and will use the #metoo movement to get ahead, by going the traditional route, like some kind of scab taking over some union jobs…

This Me Too Movement has really opened my eyes to something that has always existed, that I have said has always existed, but that often times exists because the women put themselves in the situation for it to exist as they try to get ahead in their careers…

It’s nice to pretend men are these evil overlord demons….but there is such thing as seduction to get ahead..that some women are all about….

Not to say what some of these perverts did was ok, I mean maybe they let it all get to their heads with all that money and hot women who willingly fucked their ugly fat asses to get ahead….and took advantage of unwilling girls…sure….

But but there is such thing as seduction to get ahead..and getting naked in photoshoots is one of those things…cuz I’m seduced here. She’ll say it’s art, freedom, self expression, and no one will openly admit or endorse sexual assault…I mean that shit is wrong and being naked is not an invitation for it…but I’m still seduced and this boner’s not gonna go away on it’s own here.

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