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Maitland Ward – Sex Worker’s Weird Private Snap of the Day

Maitland Ward is fucking repulsive, and has been since she came out of the woodwork from a forgotten place that is where the obscure actresses on the shows we watched in a pre-internet era of not being able to follow them on social media to keep them alive….

A woman who managed to pull herself out of obscurity, while remaining in obscurity, but she has created a niche business for herself, that makes 40k or more a month, while tapping into her inner pervert and sex worker that I have known she was for a while, but that she tried not to make public, where people pay her to watch her get her strap on sucked by some dude she DOMs terribly..

It’s fucking weird, a doughy pile of sloppy shit, in cheap lingerie being disgusting…getting paid.


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