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Kitrysha Hot Shoot of the Day

This 22 year old Kitrysha who is a half Italian half Filipino is on another fucking level of perfect…or should I say pervert…posting up some heavily racy content in photoshoots that not only celebrate her tits like a typical young instagrammer trying to make it – but also her pussy.

It’s fun for me to watch this shit, not just with Kitrysha, who you can email at kitrysha@gmail.com…..but with all these girls who are posting what they think is high concept art…or hipster art…through photohoots but that are not far off what we all used to jerk off to in Playboy in the 80s and 90s of girls who got fucking paid a lot to pose like that…and they are doing it for FREE…cuz it’s about the higher purpose or something.

I don’t have the answers…I just have these pics and they are fucking brilliant…she’s hot, she knows how to pose, and amazingly is not a sex worker…but a model….

The world is mental.

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