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Gabriela Giovanardi Naked Instagram Model of the Day

Gabriela Giovanardi Bare Pussy on the Beach for Titty Magazine

Gabriela Givanardi for Playboy Mexico…..

Gabriela Giovanardi is apparently a legitimate model, whatever the fuck that means…

She’s a girl with an instagram, with an agency, who gets some work, does some creative, but has the majority of her followers from being provocative.

With being a hot chick on the social media, you can target any famous or rich dude you want by liking his pics or following him back, to initiate him hitting you up…

And this one has apparently locked in some dude name Alex Pettyfer who is some kind of actor I’ve never heard of, but who likely has money and enough fame and celebrity to make it worth her time.

I always say I hate these girls who are transactional with their pussies denying they are being transactional with their pussies…just admit it…you’re trying to find the best candidate you can to further that career you want….

And if that means doing Playboy Mexico….so be it…

From her social media….


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