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Alexa Dellanos Nipple Slip and Injection Marks of the Day

Alexa Dellanos Big Fake Ass Fake Tits Nipple Slip Black Wet Bikini

Alexa Dellanos is a typical instagram thot whos tits are so fake she cant feel her nipple slip out of her bikini top.

I look at garbage that looks like this and see nothing but all that is wrong with social media…

This girl, who was probably cute before she jacked herself up, decided to jack herself up, to try to be hotter than she was, to try to stand out on the social media, to try to be her own version of a low level Kardashian.

She left her shitty life, and moved to LA where she worked as a bottle service girl, or escort, or whatever she could to get in with the perverts into fucking sex workers that look like muppets…all while amassing fake follower on IG, of perverts that look for girls who look like a fucking fabricated in a lab, and not even a good lab, pile of plastic shit.

When I see this no filter filtered girls who have jacked themselves up go through life, I just hope…these injections they get cause cancer and kill them off as it should.

Celebrating or jerking off to things, literal THINGS…this isn’t human…that look like this is as weird as jerking off to tranny porn, but you do that anyway, so you probably like this.

I think it’s really tragic to see actual pretty girls, actual beauty be taken away, attention and money diverted from it, cuz any pig dog faced cunt can manipulate her look to be what they think the world finds hot…and the world must find it hot…since the Karashians still exist.

It’s fucking dark and depressing times people…and this is the female embodiment of that.

Here are her ass injection sites, classy!
Alexa Dellanos Big Fake Ass Tits Nipple


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