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Emma Hakansson Nude Model of the Day

Emma Hakansson has the right idea am I right?

Fuck yeah I’m right.

She’s got this tits man, and she pulls them out for pictures so that other people can see her tits.

I don’t know what she gets out of it. Not like people are paying her to do this or to see her tits…

And sure if I was a girl with tits I would be charging 5 dollars a Titty flash like this girl Mel did in high school, only for some reason she’d make me pay 20 dollars, probably cuz I’d Cum myself when doing it…I wonder where she is now…I guess I could look on facebook but I’m not ready for my past memories to be brought to a new reality…

This isn’t very enterprising which makes it either bitch is dumb or bitch is kind and generous or bitch is just an Exhibitionist…all work lovely for me.

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