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Addison Timlin Breast Feeder of the Day

Addison Timlin is some trick from Californication – who posted up a picture of her breast feeding, in protest of women’s rights, because people in America don’t realize that they live a coddled life that doesn’t need protests, despite wanting to think it’s this horribly racist and disgusting place, while the majority of you just cruise through it taking selfies and making money, capitalism or some shit….that you consider to be the foundation of your people….

Because this who breast feeding not being porn thing but rather a natural thing that happens when you have a kid….has likely never been argued by any dude anywhere. There is no down with the patriarchy going on here….just strictly some restaurants don’t want you doing it while people who didn’t breed are eating cuz they may find it disgusting….like some may find it hot…and feel compelled to jack off to it.

What I am saying is that this breast feeding thing is good for us all…cuz we get to see a large percentage of tits..and if that’s not what natural instinct is about…I don’t know what it is about…

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