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Amber Heard Nipples of the Day

Amber Heard Nipples

I guess I should have posted these Amber Heard Nipple pics yesterday – but I can’t stomach a snake, black widow bitch, who eats the souls of the men she climbs to reach her level of celebrity and lifestyle she wants….I find it disloyal, not a team player…not a good woman…so quick to cry abuse rather than standing by her man who she probably drove crazy in her self involved manipulative ways.

She is garbage, the devil…and her nipples out there as Johnny Depp’s ex wife are shit…cuz she is shit.

I am not a Johnny Depp fan, or a wife beater fan, even if sometimes the bitch deserves it…I am someone who knows she milked everything she could of the guy, and set it up to humiliate him to get what she wanted from him…that is a garbage person…no a good person, or a caring person, or a reasonable person…just a shit person.

Here she is in another see through top & shaking her tits

Amber Heard Tutty ShakeAmber Heard Tits


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