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Possibly Fran Halsall Nudes of the Day

Possibly Fran Halsall Leaked Nudes

Fran Halsall is an olympic swimmer…

I don’t know anything about Olympic swimming, other than Michael Phelps and his Speedos, and for obvious different reasons than why I would know who this chick is, those reasons purely sexual…

I don’t know anything about sports, even women’s sports, because I find women athletes to be pretty fucking dude-like and that’s not exciting to me. Plus they can outrun me, not that I run, but more reason to avoid those who can run…..

I do know that there’s rumors or a stereotype around the swim team at high schools and colleges everywhere, for having the sluttiest of girls on their teams. Maybe it’s the level of fitness, leanness, high testosterone, half nakedness, fully shaved bodies…..I don’t have the answers….I just know they like showing each other their cunts in the changing room….

I also know that if this is the pro swimmer, her nakedness not all that different than her training outfit, or what sh wears in the lockerroom after practice…they are a comfortable with their body people…so let’s check out her body….of an athlete..not quite the body I’d want to ejaculate to.


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