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Emily Browning Naked of the Day

Emily Browning Nude

Emily Browning is looking pretty old…..because I guess she is old…

I remembered the name, didn’t remember the actress, so I did a little WIKIPEDIA for you, and as it turns out, she is 30, despite looking 40, at least in the face, she’s Australian, they age like a slice of bacon in the hot sun, just sizzling the fuck away….

She was in a movie called Sucker Punch, that is where I met her, you know and where we became great friends who vacation together, and by vacation together I mean, that I’ve forgotten…until seeing her name and remembering that my pervert friend made me go see Sucker Punch in the theatre, where we were surrounded by 12 year olds, and where parents of said 12 year olds, and I guess the 12 year olds also looked at us like the perverts were were….

She is now on the show American Gods, her career has made it and this is a topless scene all these years later,…..where her tits look pre-puberty, which you may or may not like…

I personally like a nice small tit, it’s far more manageable and usually comes attached to a thin girl with a nice small ass and a toned stomach…a good thing…but you probably like it for other reasons we won’t get into…you fucking pervert, you make me sick….

I think any acting career, or acting job that leads to a set of tits being flashed for a role, is a good one…cuz tits just make everything better, even non existent flat chested ones.


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