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Hilary Duff’s Mom Ass in a Athleisure Squat of the DAy

I only recently learned that mom bloggers refer to athletic gear that they wear for non athletic purposes are called “Athleisure”…..which if I still went to grocery stores would make staring at mom pussy cameltoed as it tries to escape the “Athleisure” pants more exciting because I would know how to identify what I was looking at….

Unfortunately, my “Athleisure” experience which I guess you could call a fetish because I was really get used to everyone and their mom choosing spandex comfort over regular pants the last few years..allowing me to basically see their clits….is now reserved for the internet…

Luckily, women of all walks of life are whores ready to sexualize themselves in sexual positioning as it becomes more and more normalized…I mean even Hilary Duff is doing it.

That’s not to say the mom of two with different dads is out of control….but I am sure her first DISNEY casting involved a lot less clothing…and a lot more slutty….because that’s how castings go….which makes her a professional at this shit…that’s why she gets paid the big bucks…

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