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Sarah Snyder Ass of the Day

Sarah Snyder

Sarah Snyder is some New York hipster chick, not that hipsters really exist, everyone’s pretty much the fucking same…at least people of her generation….they all look the same, act the same, dress the same, get the same ass injections, the same face injections, wear the same make-up….it’s all Hip Hop influenced, trashy and slutty, only fans content producing, I guess they call them RATCHETS or did at one point, but now that every girl, especially white girls are jumping in on that shit because I guess girls like attention….and I don’t mind watching what the Kardashians as the leader of these people has created…

This one gets a lot of work from actual brands, she dated Jayden Smith, she probably lives in New York, model things…or instagram model things….and luckily for us perverts whop don’t care about the backstory or the same clickbait shit these people are all involved in, we just care that they get more attention being slutty as they fucking should….

Getting slutty, to get noticed, to get more attention and to make more money, not a big deal, pretty basic tactics really….

So here’s that ass..


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