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Jennifer Lawrence Panties of the Day

I avoided posting these magazine photoshoot pics of Jennifer Lawrence because google has this thing called “Google Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Nudes” where you see all her leaked nudes that a motherfucker actually went to jail for, since you can’t CENSOR the internet, or erase the internet, no matter how hard you try….I mean until they turn off the internet and give you access to three websites on the internet…that you know they’ve got lined up…but as the internet works now, you can delete and censor motherfuckers, but they find new corners to unite and congregate that don’t make some aspergers fuck another billion.

POINT being….Jennifer Lawrence was never that appealing to me, what do you think I am, Harvey Weinstein….I thought she was a lot of hype, thanks to Harvey Weinstein….I even met her agent once and that creep had a fucking hard on for her too…probably because of the paydays she gets, I saw recently she came out of the lazy semi-retired woodwork to get paid 25 million to be in a Leo DiCaprio movie…where she was pushed into a corner of “aren’t you mad Leo made 30 million”…to wwhich she said “I’m happy with my deal”….because DUMB FUCK MEDIA don’t realize that there’s a pay scale depending on a lot of factors and that we don’t live in communism, so you can value a motherfucker’s work by whatever MEASURE you want…not to mention…25 million dollars to be in a Netflix movie by Will Farrell’s partner, who I actually like since watching Succession, but I’ll tell you I fucking hated that Funny Or Die shit its entire existence…which I am sure they give a fuck about since they made 100s of millions of dollars off while I’m over here making 5 dollars a fucking day…for a site that costs 20 dollars a day to HOST….BUSINESS TYCOOON….

Anyway, lots of hype thanks to Harv and her agent, lots of money thanks to that hype, all while being mediocre no matter how many Oscar nods she gets….but then I saw the nudes…and she looked great nude…so we don’t need this updated half naked shit…we’ve got what we need in the archives…plus, I think she’s pregnant now, not with Harv’s baby…but you never know CONJUGAL VISITS still happen…


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