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Stella Hudgens Nipples of the Day

I am not a huge fan of Stella Hudgen’s nipples, but I will say that I’m glad to be seeing them, because there’s nothing worse than a set of tits you’ve seen for a while and never being introduced to the nipples, especially in this era of everyone being an exhibitionist slut acting as the main character in their shitty self involved movie….

So weird nips or not, they are nips and that’s a good thing no matter what….

I guess Vanessa Hudgens cut off her allowance, or maybe Stella has gone rogue or been indoctrinated by the culture to want to cash the fuck in on the nudes that they all take for free, because they’ve been taught TRANSACTIONAL….MONETIZATION….it’s the ONLY way to cash the fuck in…

Maybe girls like seeing how much their nudes can fetch em, she’s got 50 dollars a month membership for content I assume is like this….and that’s asking a lot….maybe a little obnoxious since she’s not actually Vanessa Hudgens…same last name, but definitely not the same story….

I like to wonder if this is like when a girl throws a tantrum when her dad doesn’t give her money to go to Spring Break with her friends so she takes a pic outside a stripclub to let him know she’s got option, to make him give her the money…you know bratty bluffing that could end in lap dance…

When you’re rich, or a celebrity sibling, selling nudes seems so weird to me, but selling nudes is weird to me always, I get it, but I don’t get why people would bother paying, these aren’t compelling people…even with celebrity ties…

But nipples….fun….lingerie….good…just not worth paying for….it’s a scam, a rackt, a hustle…and it makes things less exciting, real, or fun…but I’ll look…bottom feeders take what they get.


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