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Iskra Lawrence in Lingerie of the Day

It’s funny to see her holding those flowers, because based on the size, you’d assume she would have tried to eat them, and basically everything in the vicinity, the reason you’d take her on date to the All You Can Eat bufffet just to see the owner scramble, because even his business model doesn’t support this kind of waste……this volume of food…

It’s funnier that we’ve normalized fat girls getting naked, like it is hot, when really it’s a fetish….basically turning the same people who cried “look at that slut in her bikini at the pool….that unrealstic body expectation slut”…..are now doing their best impression of it…..”stop hot chicks getting half naked, it’s vulgar”……to “now let me get naked, to stand up for what I believe in as a body positive activist and AMBASSADOR because I live this life and so many ladies rely on me”…..trying to monopolize the tits get hits, naked get hits market….by making hot chicks getting half naked feel like they are body shaming by JUST being alive.

The fatties cried about hot chicks getting half naked, now they are the ones getting half naked, and if the hot chicks get half naked too, you know since getting half naked is ok again, they get cancelled and called body shamers for having unrealistic bodies….ACCORDING TO THE FAT CHICK…trying to steal the glory.

I’m onto you fat girls and your trickery…

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