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Ariana Grande Nip Slip of the Day

I forgot that Ariana Grande existed, but the ever scandalous, high pony, probably bald as shit, midget or small person since the word midget is offensive to midgets…

I remember that Ariana Grande violated a donut while being recorded on security cam saying how gross she thought America was, in her anti-American viral moment that in hindsight was probably by design to get all those woke idiots who hate your country to the point they think the flag is a symbol that triggers them…

I also remember that she had a bunch of her fans shot up or blowed up at one of her concerts, which was pretty fucking weird but she survived..unlike her ex boyfriend Mac Miller who was killed off by drugs..because he knew too much….about bad drug dealers.

Well, she’s got part of her little nipple poking out of her shirt, and this makes me like her better. Sure it’s not as exciting as one of the Nickelodeon parties that Jeanette McCurdy was paid 300k, but refused, to not talk about which is pretty weird that it was only 300k, should have been a lot more, it’s Nickelodeon…but yeah, this may not be as fun as where Grande got her start, the same place that got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant..

It’s an accidental nipple in a nipple filled world where all nip slips and tit pics are intentional, staged, fake and gay, when all any of us really one is an outtake with accidental nipple, it just more authentic and pure in the fakest of times.


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