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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I don’t know if COVID is offiially over, at least not in oppressive as fuck prison state that is Canada, I’ve heard various elected by no one officials warn of a dark winter, since that’s what they do, while pushing more vaccines and other bullshit that you know ALL the unhealthy motherfuckers will hop onto, thanks to being brainwashed into believing the modern medical system, dumbos!

I do know that it doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t, the collapse is in the works and whether it’s climate change, or other diseases, or financial collapses or not, where there is a will there’s a way!

So whether they manipulate healthcare workers to think they are heroes for going to work and doing their job is still up in the air, but the smart ones, probably the unvaccinated ones, have figure out that they an mooch off the celebrity of their profession to get paid subscribers!

Nursing, always a fetish to people who are lonely and like being taken care of by hotties in uniform, will continue to be a fetish, they’re the sex workers of the medical profession, so it makes sense for them to do actual sex work and outside of the MRSA on their pussies, ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT BACTERIA, it’s worth looking at, just not licking or smelling or getting too close to, but lukcily for your loser ass, this isn’t TINDER, so you won’t get anything jerking off to it, unless you’re still fucking chicken cutlets marinating in a ZIPLOC like that time you got salmonella!

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