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Hilary Duff’s Bikini of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Hilary Duff, I think she’s a creepy weirdo industry person, likely bought at a young age by some creepers who never got arrested for their creeping, possibly not a victim from being bought because it worked out nicely for her, she’s famous and that’s what ALL girls want, isn’t it.

I didn’t mind when she was older, married, a mom who liked to be cummed in, proven by her kid, because I could make fun of her being a sexual deviant that they used in the NHL locker rooms for team building, she had a crossfit body and she looked like a good mover, something I look for in a woman, because you never know when you need to escape this hell.

After her marriage, she fucked a bunch of different dudes, it was public fact in an era that was a little more modest, so I was like “Hilary Duff’s high testosterone makes her horny”, which has resulted in more kids with more men, almost like a visit to Walmart, but when the rich and famous do it, it’s less ghetto, even if it is just as ghetto.

She’s in a bikini now, her fan base probably still exists and are just so eager for her to launch an ONLYFANS, which she may do if the people who own her need to brain wash more women to go down that road, or if she wants to see how much her tits can make her as a 30 year old mom, or if she wants to be an exhibitionist, but it probably won’t be for the money, since she’s already rich as shit.

She looks alright in the bikini, but you can’t believe anything on the internet, especially with these people, bitches they LIE!

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