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Woood Baby and her Lumber of the Day

Unfortunately for me, this internet life as an internet legend doesn’t really pay the fucking bills, so I’m looking into side-line work off the computer, in a re-integrating myself back into society and getting a job, to be a grown up….instead of some pervert who reposts content of internet sluts for 4 people who may or may not buy whatever I was selling back when I had advertisers….

I’ve always been into home renovations, construction and carpentry that may be replaced by the AI, just not as quickly as a website that aggregates random slut content and says “I love sluts, yum”….

So I’ve looked into carpentry school, that is government subsidized, because we live in communism, and as it turns out, I’m more into watching thick thonged ass doing carpentry….which is why I am endorsing WOOODBABY as inspo while I plan my future offline, in real life, fuck the internet and the AI, using my hands to build not to write random brilliant blurbs only I find brilliant….

She does carpentry right, cuz you can jack off to it…

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