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Iggy Azalea Lingerie of the Day

I always thought of Iggy Azalea as a fake as fuck, weird as fuck, fake ass and fake titty fuck, cultural appropriating scam of a female rapper, who had some bullshit storyline about how hard she was, involving escaping Australia as a kid and stripping in Miami underage, which I think needs to be seriously fact checked as I don’t think she’s old enough, despite being pretty old, to have been able to fly to America without her parental consent when under 18, it’s called being a minor…but these people are pathological and believe their own lies, like they believe they are hot, so we, the pathetic mindless idiots who pay attention to them and by into their garbage because we are too lazy to find our own passions, just fuel this entire enterprise..

Anyway, she was always garbage to me, despite being celebrated, always a whore to me, despite being garbage looking, and for whatever reason, she decided her strategy would be OnlyFans, despite being rich…,

It’s either a you can never be rich enough, or a rich person trying to find an angle, meaning, purpose, relevance through selling her near nudes, and that whole thing is pretty fucking dumb and uneccessary, a cash grab or a deeper rooted issue….but at least she’s in her UNDERWEAR on the internet the way she is meant to be….

YOU CAN SEE THE PINK NIPS, never too little too late when it comes to nudity!


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