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Slutty Sophie Mudd of the Day

Sophie Mudd was recently in the show The Idol, where she played Sophie Mudd and didn’t have any speaking roles, but luckily for her, when you’re built like Sophie Mudd, the tits do the talking….

I guess she’s friends with The Weeknd, thanks to having tits like that, so as a thanks for showing off her tits at all his pool parties, he put her on the show….which is funny, because there was a time she used to tits to get the millions of followers, only to class things up like she found Jesus and/or a boyfriend who didn’t want her posting her tits, pretending she was going to be an actress….which amounted to nothing until going back to the tits, ONLYFANS-ING the tits, and now getting those TITS on TV….cuz they’re great big tits, that need to be celebrated…

Moral of the story, don’t turn your back on your tits, cuz tits will overcome all obstacles thanks to dudes wanting you on your back for your tits, even when they are bigger than a fucking obstacle….ESPECIALLY if they are bigger than an obstacle…


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