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Try Hard Lawrence of the Day

Charlotte Lawrence, who I’ve decided to name Try Hard Lawrence, is a child of celebrities, or at least industry people who have made a ton of money within the industry, so much that they were able to turn the wife / her mother into some kind of creepy fucking muppet, because rich producers have muppet fetishes, it’s obvious…

Anyway, instead of trying to do meaningful shit, she’s been flashing her tits on social media, packaging herself as a hipster, fashionista, I don’t know, but basically a fucking rich kid chasing clicks, views, etc….

As a pervert, that works for me. Keep on trying Try Hard, the world may not need her content, or another celebrity child pretending to be interesting, but we can never have too many rich kid being whores when we know they don’t have to be whores cuz they have access to a lot of money….but are doing it from the emptiness in their rich kid souls to have some level of edgy, appeal, interest, experience, vibe….whatever…BRING THE TITS…


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