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Florence Pugh Bikini of the Day

Florence Poo is being so modest, she’s go her bikini on whilst living her celebrity life that she was able to game the system into giving her, despite the fact that she was a midget, you see normally midgets would just avoid drawing more attention to themselves, but sometimes, not all the times, they use it to their advantage…

She was put into the marketing machine the propagandizes these celebs and tricks the normies hooked up to the matrix into thinking they are hot, so it’s like she wasn’t a neckless midget at all….the world embraced her and her thespian ways…

She’s not spreading her legs in her bikini, so the volume of her pussy lips is an unknown and one of my pet peeves. I figure if the bikini is on, make sure the cunt is poppin out of is so that I can see how dick clitted or lippy a bitch is, you know, for empowerment!


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