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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I know it’s 9/11, so this should be a post about first responders not nurses, but nurses are arguably more than just the whores homewrecking their way through the medical field, trying to land some rich married doctors to further benefit their own agendas.,,,

Otherwise they wouldn’t go to nursing school while being hot, they would have gone straight to the sugar baby apps…which may not come with a pension, but you don’t have to go to school, develop a skill, work at it, or get your hands dirty doing medical work with sick people and their bodily fluids that aren’t the kind of bodily fluids you actually want to work with in getting knocked up so that you can be the doctor’s wife.

If you know what I mean….if you don’t…I mean cum…they want doctor cum, they don’t want sick person, or accidented person’s shit, piss, blood and mucus on them…

The point is, these medical workers are pretty bold in their medical working, because they run smutty content on the side, despite the whole having a career thing and that’s wild…

I guess the other point is that during 9/11 nurses were there to treat the victims, so they are first responders too, making this the most inappropriate 9/11 tribute post!


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